Advantages of Digital Fingerprinting Over Traditional Ink Pad Fingerprints

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Published: 07th July 2010
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Fingerprinting is a process using which the detection of the criminals has become much

easier. This makes it one of the significant procedures of the investigation department.

Earlier, during the ancient age, the process of fingerprinting was used as a type of

business by the Egyptians. The main feature that makes the process of fingerprinting so

important is that no two people can have similar fingerprints. However, with the advent of

technology to such an extreme height, digital fingerprinting technique has emerged that is

also utilized for the same purpose with enhanced mechanism. Fingerprinting Toronto also

plays a vital role in making the state completely crime-free.

Most of the services of the police or the investigation department have been modernized in

current scenario. In rare cases, you will come across the ink pad fingerprints. This is

because the ink pad fingerprints have got replaced with the digital fingerprinting device as

a result of the technological advancements. Fingerprinting Toronto has contributed to a

great extent in detecting the presence of several criminals associated with one or the other

crime and punish them based on the nature of their crime. As far as the crime field is

concerned, it has been observed that the criminals, at some point of time, started feeling

fret free, but the emergence of the mechanical devices has led them to be worried about

their future as prisoners.

The digital fingerprinting device takes the fingerprint of the suspect and introduces it

into the data bank of the computer to detect the criminals. This equipment is utilized so

that the innocent people who suffer as a result of the criminal activities of the culprits

could feel satisfied once they get justice. With the successful completion of several cases,

the popularity of these digital devices have gained enormous popularity. It follows a

separate step in identifying the criminals from list of suspects. Fingerprinting Toronto

also considers both these types of fingerprinting process as important for the investigation

or crime department.

Fingerprinting Toronto utilizes digital fingerprinting without taking into account any ink

pad finger printing. The device is a machine with a screen on it that enables the

fingerprints to be viewed when the suspect puts his hand on smaller glass screen. After

scanning the prints, it finally gives the accurate result to tell you the truth about who

the criminal is. Along with these techniques, DNA evidences can also be checked by the

devices well equipped with such required features. Due to the availability of these

facilities, however, the detection and identification of the criminals have become really

very easy.

With the help of fingerprinting

or others, the criminals who earlier thought that they are smart enough to go

beyond the trap of the police and investigation, are now being arrested for their crimes. In

earlier era, the ink pad fingerprints ensured the detection of the criminal but it required

long analysis to find them, but still in some cases, it was difficult to do so. But, the

emergence of digital

device ensures accurate results with the display of the one who is

genuinely the culprit.

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